Zolpidem tartrate erowid

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zolpidem tartrate erowid

Zolpidem tartrate 3D molecule http: If you take it and lie down, you'll probably fall asleep, so if you want to trip you should sit around and make an effort to stay awake: You must log in or sign up to reply here. Ambien itself dosent really have recreational value for many, but there are a few people who really love the effects givin from it. Use good well informed judgement when mixing EtOH with other drugs. I only purged a little, but felt instantly better once I had.

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Although at high school, I had happened to obtain some Zolpidem tartrate, commonly know as Ambien in the United States. I had to wait until Friday to initiate the inebriation, but I already had some friends ready to come and whisk me away from my unlawful punishment. I decided to lay my head down on my bed and appreciate the physical benefits of Ambien. After gazing at my closet for a while, I noticed its squarely decorated front begin to shift and sway, even breathe in a slow, uniform way.

I looked around only to recognize that everything had become so much more immersive, walking on the carpet was like traversing soft flowing sand. For an arbitrary reason, I began to think about plants. After closing my eyes for a short period, I opened them only to see a bright green bushel of vegetation emerging from my carpet. I then received an AIM message from my friends notifying me of the chance of them swinging by my house later in the evening. On the car ride there, I was tripping fairly hard.

I gradually grew annoyed of my sober friends, and felt a little jealous of the clarity that they possessed. As we got to my friends house, I had to hold a girls hand to get through various obstacles safely. Everything was feeling numb, but in a warm, soothing way. The same way one would feel after having a hot shower. I insufflated the third pill and suffered a bombastic burning sensation. After the task was complete my friends and I dove into voluptuous discussion dealing with everything from inside jokes to personal epiphanies.

An analytical game we always loved to play, was the dissection of certain words to expose their connotations, and how each individual has different feelings about different words. We then agreed to slink over to the garage area of her house and smoke some cannabis. After completing this activity, the hallucinations became fairly intense.

I remember feeling very magnetic and having pillars of support surround me. Wanting to lean on one of these pillars, I attempted to lean back, only to fall through a vivid hallucination and embarrass myself. I was in a very comfortable environment, talking to some of my closest friends intelligently about drugs, philosophy and life in general. A bottle of pomegranate peach schnapps was being passed around, and against my better judgment, I enjoyed about a glass of it.

Lights were becoming softer, and the extrovert in general was becoming easier to understand. The thoughts I experienced seemed to melt from the concrete into the abstract. Although I was having a good time, my mind was exploding into thought of arbitrary memories, almost like my life was flashing before my eyes. I did my best to sit down on the couch, inhabited partially by my friend.

He found me throwing change in the toilet, and mumbling to a painting on the wall that I couldn't afford to go, could it spare a dime One woke up at his mates place, with two empty bottles of beam and two empty packets of Stilnox.. Originally posted by JayJ Despite those regrets one remarkable thing I came across was a dialled number around 3: I'm about to give Stilnox a first try, probably this evening.

I got some the other day but I'm just still collecting information on em, I think I'm ready to give em a shot tonight: Stilnox is certainly NOT an non-addictive sleeping aid. It has the same potential for abuse, tolerance and withdrawal symptoms as benzos. I've abused them regularly and do enjoy them. I ususally take them orally but snorted once and IV'd a few times. Combined with alcohol in particular can produce interesting hallucinations if you try to fight off sleep. We normally drink alcohol and dose from mg.

If you can stay awake the visuals are quite enjoyable. A quick story for u tho.. Im not proud of it, but i enjoy it.. It's sometimes like you've done your homework twice. What, with all those two minds 'n' shit. A small percentage of the population will experience the hallucinogenic side effects of Stilnox, I myself am highly sensitive to them with extreme aural and visual hallucinations on small amounts.

I stopped taking stilnox and went back to my doctor for a xanax script because of the hallucinations, I has honest with him and told him that I deliberately stayed awake to enjoy the hallucinations and therefore as a sleeping aid it did more harm than good. As a recreational drug I'd be eating them every night, they beat acid hands down as far as the whole hallucinogenic experience goes and that's saying a lot.

Info on Stilnox http: Check out the the 3D molecule. I'm having trouble locating any info about the drug discovery employed in the development of this molecule. I can recognise benzo aspects similar of the geometry but it sure is a big molecule with some complex bond conformations, making it perhaps not as selective in SAR models.

If anyone has could post some specific references on pharmacology or drug development papers, it would much appreciated: Zolpidem tartrate 3D molecule http: An interesting drug with the possibility of enjoyably strong hallucinations I've been an insomniac for 12 years, which sucks but it is gradually getting better. I was prescribed temazepam for years now I can only get Stilnox. I find it makes me more groggy in the morning than temazepam. It's never occurred to me to use Stilnox recreationally but I have noticed that when I'm floating off to sleep, I sometimes get really horny but can't do anything about because I"m too out of it by that stage.

Still, it feels really nice: After 12 years im suprised they still persist on prescribing Temazepam, as its fairly weak. For severe insomnia such as yours I'd be pursuing Chloral Hydrate or even Flunitrazepam. This compound has one mean addictive potential, please think and read about it very carefully before deciding to head down that road.

If you need something stronger than tamazepam, ask about Rohypnol Flunitrazepam. I know its extremely addictive and can cause terrible problems when used over a long period of time. I suggested it due to the longevity of his insomnia. Certainly not a first choice for a sleep aid, but for chronic insomnia its probably worth a shot.

I remember waking up, looking in the mirror and my eye was twitching insanely. I then went outside and talked to my dad even though he was overseas at the time It was my first drug experience. I use Stilnox every week night, and sometimes after nights out to get back into my regular sleep pattern. I have not ever noticed feeling groggy in the morning; although I would say that the 8 hours sleep I get from Stilnox is not of good quality.

I went on a dose of tamaz for about a month and noticed that made me feel very doughy in the morning. As for using it for fun I do. Sort of, I like the slight "moon boots" you get as it kicks in, apart from that I know If I have 2 or more Tablets I seem to wake to find lights on in the living room, slight amnesia I guess. I hate the shit personally, but I used to have a lot of weird experiences on it And they prescribe that shit for sleeping???!!!

Oh, in regards to dex, my friend tried to take some when he started coming down really sensitive to amphs might I add and he said he was tripped out all night and got no sleep. I personally will stick to my benzos thank you very much ;. I've found this post extremely interesting and helpful in explaining a few things. I too suffer from pretty bad insomnia, and was prescribed stillnox.

I tried one the first night I was given them, and went to bed expecting and hoping to fall straight asleep. However, within half an hour, I was hiding under my doona from the huge herd of rhinoserises sp? I was pretty freaked out as I hadn't slept in about a week at the time, and never considered doing it again for fun I went back to the doctors, got prescriptions for other sleeping tablets and forgot about it.

I'm pretty sure I still have the box of them somewhere, so might give it a shot. I'm pretty small, so if I were to have only half a tablet instead of a whole one, would this amount be more likely to make me sleep? I took 20mg Stilnox a while ago for my sleeping disorder It was pretty enjoyable, but I went back to the doctor and complained about hallucinogenic side effects and received temazepam instead. Unfortunately I wake up in the middle of the night from this Is it Mogadon nitrazepam or something else?

Apparently flunitrazepam is an absolute last resort. I don't get it, when I had insomnia I was prescribed stillnox, and it puts me to sleep about 15 mins after I take it. I couldn't stay awake if I tried. Stilnox and RedBull is the bomb. Crush up one 10 mg of stilnox and mix it with a bottle and drink it. You wont be sorry, trust me. I have soo many soo stupid tales from my Stilnox days. It took me months to find a source that selld them in bulk, and boy do I wish I never found him! Among hundreds of story's, some of my BESt are; I telephoned my parents, hours drive away, and saked them for more food as I can't feed all these girls in mu house.

I said I'd run out and they where eating all my food. My old man got on he phone and wanted to talk to one of them, but I said most of them cannot talk, because they are eating. I ended up getting annoyed as they weren't going to help me so I apparently hung up on them. They drive over, and this is about midnight. I'd taken the Zolpidem about three hours prewvious, probably mg.

The knock at the door and I answer, and tell them they have to be quiet becasue he'll wake all the girls, as they are now sleeping. They prtty much break in and find ALL of my food in bottles, jars, platesa nd bowls all over the house, and every possible sleeping space made out in makeshift beds. Efverywhere, hallways, kitchen, rooms, bathroom, everywhere had sheets and pillows.

I woke up on the couch at tjhier place, and was told this after I woke up, I didn't belive them till I got home! I had taken allot of Stilnox that night and freaked out. I end up breaking the window and wriggling out of the small hole. I then find I couldn't get back in the house, as it was locked - it was in the am.

So I dig a hole in the front yard to sleep in. I'm calling out to all my war buddies and hiding behind cars, shooting something and yelling "take cover" I apparently broke the nighbors car antenna off and use it as a sword because my gun was out of ammo. The last report of the night was I was running down the road with this antenna, in my boxers. I don't know how I got back inside, but ALL of my food from my fridge and freezer, was in a garbage bag, next to my letterbox, out the front!

This and a few more horro tales lead the street to contact my landlord and tell him ppl are afraid to go outside, incase I am there fighting a war, I was evicted. All over my Stilnox.

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