Zolpidem dosage sizes of oxycontin overdose

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Suicide and addiction clinics are every where get help now. Also, here's a useful info about this medication: My personal opinion is that you are taking a potentially dangerous combination of central nervous system depressants in order to get some sleep. What conditions does Oxycontin treat? Switching from oxycodone to Vicodin hydrocodone and acetaminophen may be safe depending on the level of pain being treated, and the level of tolerance or physical dependence on the oxycodone. If you have a breathing problem such as asthma or COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , talk with your doctor about whether this drug is safe for you. Tonight I just took 3 alprazolam and

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Zolpidem dosage sizes of oxycontin overdose Zolpidem usa stocking

He says mean things to me. I had told every Dr I see I feel depressed. I am supposed to have back surgery soon and told I am pre-diabetic. I think now I am re-living it. I think they thought I was his mom. I had taken as many as 6 Ambien at a time but over this many years I have a stock pile. I am at the end of my rope. If I go to court to do an eviction I know he will get revenge on me at some point.

I have no friends and he so often tells me that too. No one visits not even my kids. My Dr is aware I have a problem boarder and of his history but I was ashamed to let him know how he treats me and how I am handling it which is not too well. This is situational at the moment. My doctor prescribed 5 mg ambien. While they help me fall asleep, I have not experienced a deep recuperative sleep.

First off I seek no pity from any parties that read this information, nor do i want to discuss anything beyond this post. In I attempted to overdose on mg of ambien thats , 10mg tabs or 17 months of pills at 30 a month a lethal dose is around mg for the average adult. As a bonus I had a lovely case of pneumonia when I attempted. I took the pills in the evening, and woke up in intensive care a few days later after a 3 day induced coma, so debris could be removed from my lungs.

I had white lung in one and the other was on its way. I spent a total of 10 days in intensive care and 12 days at VA facility. So what the side affect of living after ambien overdose attempt. Essentially after eating food, the digestive process is skipped for the most part and is processed into waste, immediately. Bowel movement within 30 minutes of eating, anything. I enjoy cooking, hate eating, it kinda sucks once it starts to hurt after you consume food. Current medical testing as of this post has been exhausted.

The temporary long term solution is a different family of Rx pills. Except this time you get to take several types of pills anytime you eat or drink liquids other then water. If your thinking pills is a lot. My current medical conditions require me to consume to pills every 30 days so I can eat food. I do occasionally visit emergency rooms for this condition, extreme pain. Would taking 61…10mg of Zolpidem and 41…6. So I need to known how much is to much? What do I do will it be okay if I took 5 more.

Please help me asap. Call the Poison Control Center at for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next. If you are getting worse, call While I have yet to take more than 20mg at once, I take more than prescribed almost every night and always crush the pills into a fine powder before taking them. Would I need to go to a treatment center for help with my addiction, or does my problem sound manageable because of my low doses? I believe that a treatment center stay can help you detox first, and then work on the reasons why you got so hooked on Ambien to help prevent future addictive behaviors that would lead to unhealthy habits.

Call our trusted treatment providers through the free helpline number you can find on our site. I found a friend having taken 90 stilmox plus 70 xanor and two bottles of wine. Im 64 and live with my son, his wife and thir daughter. I have medical issues and my son thinks im a invalid. My sisteres r in their upper 90 and can still travel by plane.

I find hope in sleep The local priest is very helpful for understanding andbeing kind but I am to tired to go on and ambien is sitting in and I can no write well I truly love all my children and Grandchidred. My husband died this way. Do you have autopsy results? Hi, I went to take my nigh time medications and then all the sudden I wondered if I took 2 10mgs each Im panicking right now, if someone knows about this I would be appreciate it, and I also am on alprazolam too,thank you so much.

Please consider that it is illegal to consume medications other than prescribed, and you put yourself at risk. I want to take all of my ambien28 of them 10mg along with my muscle relaxers and pain pills. Think it will kill me.? Or just a miserable trip to a hospital so ii can get thej real help i need.? Please consider what you are going to make. Think about your family and friends. You are not alone! Please, reconsider what you want to do. You are not alone, and every problem has a solution….

Alcohol and ambien is a bad combination!!! I took 30 mgs of zolpidem drank a quarter bottle of vodka then went out to the bar and was living it up. Woke up in the hospital I had fell off the bar stool to the floor hit my head and was unresponsive when emts arrived. But waking up with catheter in my goods puke on my hospital gown and a mean hangover the next day!!! It was not fun and I only remember small bits and pieces of the whole thing..

I stopped drinking that day. I have been on ambien cr 6. I also have a few cocktails of cinnamon whiskey mixed with orange cream soda from 4pm to7pm, I take the ambien cr about 10pm, and am still waking up. I have been taking zolpidem 10mg for about 2 years now. It took about a year. But now I have to stop taking it for at least a week or two so that I can get the sleep effect back.

The only way to achieve sleep is to take a little more, like 12mg or 15mg. So if any of u know of a similar but better drug then ambien please let me know. I have Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder. Please let me know. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to sleep, because the society and ur family and friends expect u to be all chipper in the morning.

Ever since I found ambien I was like wow really this pill will help me sleep. And it does work beautifully, but the tolerance issue needs to be address. Please help any suggestions or even suggest something similar to ambien would be very much appreciated!!!? My bro took mg of zolfresh and cut is leg vein nd I jst took him to this hospital when he will normal.! Relax a bit after dinner then walk at an easy pace for at least an hour and longer if you can.

Also, force yourself to stay up a bit late…resist the temptation to doze off after dinner or in front of the TV or while reading. Dozing for even five minutes early in the evening will prvent you from getting into sleep mode later in the night. Have you tried meditation? Nothing mystical about it—close your eyes and focus on a pleasant thought, visualize a springtime meadow or something peaceful, and breathe deeply and slowly.

The breathing alone should help. Reading at bedtime also helps, and if you find yourself falling asleep with the light on, leave it on. These are things that have helped me immensely,,especially the exercise. I wish you well! My doctor told me to restrict liquids atter 8 PM. Try to say up late doing some activity in your house or taking long walks.

All the best to you. I took some of the am ambians that I have from my Dr I took Ike 5 or 6 of then figuring I would be okay I took then like eastern nine in still pretty light headed a sissy how log will it take to wear off. I took 7 abiein last nite went to hospital was drinking alot. I took Topamax for three weeks according to doctors instructions, and became very ill and ended up in the emergency room on December Four days later after stopping the Topamax, I overdosed on Ambien and some other meds.

That was the beginning of January and I still feel very sick with nausea, insomnia hot flashes, chills, malaise, breathlessness. At the ER, bloodwork showed liver and kidney problems, but bloodwork two weeks ago show no current problems. I need help to know what to do and where to go. It goes on for about hours and then I fall asleep. Now this night I took 10mg because I thought that doseage may get me to sleep even sooner.

But boy was I wrong I am under the effects of it now and its freaky. Whats supposed to be this little box here looks like a white paper napkin flying and wavingin the air. Howver now it looks more like a bookcase. This is completely beside the point. I get this urge. This urge to find my plush dog that I had when I was very little. I searched in the storage place the garage for a couple of minutes but did not find anything. I know one enhances the other. Will I be ok?

I suffered with dependence on ambien, nor co and zanex due to 45 surgeries I had by Smoking or vaporizing cannabis will eliminate all of those depencies and give you your life back. My ambien overdose was over a 3 yr. I know exactly what you are going through. You need to see your doctor immediately. Your doctor needs to taper you off ambien maybe limit your pills. You need to eat, drink lots of water, and get nutrition.

Yes, you can resume a normal life. It takes a bit of time. I was put on Klonopine. My chest pains and joint pains continued for weeks. When I was put back on ambien and took one pill a night as you should , ate right, hydrated myself, and rested, only then did my chest pains, and joint pains go away. I would like to share my experiences with ambien overdose on and off.

It was triggered a year after the death of my dad. Last year I was in the ER a few times I put myself there. When my mother suddenly died, I went through 10 mg pills in approx. I was admitted to the hospital for several days from the ER. It messed up my EKG normalcy, I was super dehydrated, and even dehydrated some of my organs including my teeth. My teeth felt like stone. Many times, I had back pain from not being able to stand properly until I was fully hydrated again. In addition, not being able to work, enjoy life experiences, or doing every day stuff, during these overdose times.

It kept me from visiting my mother more. When I took or more in a day, but not more than 8 pills sleeping, then another one , it made my digestive system like it never had food in it. Thus, vomiting for 2 days while forcing myself to eat. I had no feelings to go to the bathroom, no feelings to eat, and mostly felt every pain I suffer from even pains that had subsided. My sleep was messed up for several days after the overdoses, until I was taking it normally again. Over time, it takes me a really long time to fall asleep now eventually my sleep will get faster again the more normal I take ambien, and live my life right.

This last time felt as if I were dying. My parents would kill me if they knew. Hello I have been prescribed Zolpibem ER I know that I certainly havent slept enough, exp: If I take one Zollpibem around Completely unable to fall asleep again. So I remain awake through the remainder of the night until Also emotionally and mentally.

I would like to know if it possible to take another pill during the long night after I have awoken without having the possibility of overdosing. I have been taking ambien for over 13 years. The combination is what landed me in legal issues. And today was diagnosed with essential tremors. Do not like taking all this and then affects my liver and rest of my body,mind.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have taken 5mg of Ambien on and off for over 10 years. I been on and off many times. Off for almost a year once. I have not had a problem with it. Taking it right now because I have a loved one who is dying, and the stress is not allowing me to sleep. Yet I need to be up and helping during the day and be rested. I have never had a problem with any of the things people are saying about the drug.

I stay in bed all night, no eating, sleepwalking, sleep driving. It is my sleeping pill of choice, I hope they never quit making it. I think most people are not following the instructions. No alcohol, no doing anything after you take it, but go to bed and stay there. I took 20mg of Ambien at 6 am. Is it ok to take it again at 8pm? If I decided not to take it tonight would it be on for me to have a beer around 8? My 8 year old son had taken my 10 mg ambien by accident and immediately became disoriented crying dizzy and I was panicking so I helped him to vomit it up.

He is talking and back to himself now except still slightly dizzy when walking. Could he be in great danger or will he be ok now since he has thrown up and talking like himself? Someone please give advice quickly. I suggest you take your son into the ER. Or call the Poison Control Center at for an assessment of overdose risk. I just finished taking 3 Should I be doing this?

My wife was really sick when I got home so after her not being able to talk right or walk. What should I do. She is passed out now. I have taken 2 10 mg zolpidem within 5 hr of each other for sleep and pain relief am I in any danger please help me. Three days ago I was prescribed 39 tablets of 5 mg Zolpidem Sublinox and to take per night. This morning there are 4 left. I forgot things, overdose without being aware, write scathing emails and letters that I have no memory of and even once bought insurance the first that I heard of was a week later when the policy arrived.

Hi i have a friend who accidentaly took 6 pills pf ambient. Dont know the dosage, also like 6 or 8 zoloft and 6 or 8 ativan. But i want to know if she is going to be ok. And if she is going to develop permanent damage. Please respond me Assap. I took a solider 6. I have been awake for over 72 hours due to a bad reaction from my Effexor. Anyone else dealing with this? I am prescribed 10 mg from my dr.

My blood level came back t or 4. And how do you go about reading your levels is this a high reading? What is a normal reading? For example, I take Flexiril for neck spasms, Ibuprofen and Lortab for sciatica pain and Klonopin for anxiety. What are the chances of something bad happening if all these conditions manifest at the same time and I take the prescribed amount for each one in addition to my 5 mg Ambien at bedtime? He took 9 days of Ambien at once, 90mg.

Finally did, got him in a cold shower, 2 large cups of coffee. His breathing seems OK, I have no way to check his heartbeat, but his mental state is quite altered. You have to get him to the hospital. Call , they should have ambulances or even helicopters ready for medical emergencies in less-accessible towns. You can also call the Poison Control Center at to speak with a poison expert and get advise on what you can do next.

The question is what can I do about this? If you take 25 pills at 10 mg each does it damage your stomach or liver over a period of time This was a one time thing about 4 weeks ago. What might this have done to the body is it to late to seek medical care or is it ok now. In my friend intentionally overdosed on ambien. Was found unresponsive about 18 hours later. In ICU for three days intubated, then hospital room 3 more days.

Fast forward to and she has been diagnosed with kidney disease. I have told her that there must be a connection between her overdose a few years ago and her kidney diagnosis. I am waking up every 3 hours on 10 mill. Ive taken 5 today so far to sleep off a migrane. I just cannot sleep. I am badly addicted. I take about 30 during a normal day.

And i get nervous if i do not have in stock. I buy from the black market. I teally want to stop. I have been on ambien over 15 years, I maintained quite well during that time with 2 ambien 10mg a night. I did have a few wild episodes with it when I added alcohol a few times. The ambien cr just gave me another hour of sleep when I needed something a bit stronger after all those years. I too upped my does at times, esp when I got married and my husband snored , I was also on methadone for about 8 years of that time for fibromyalgia.

I felt great during the day and slept good at night. The problem with this is when life and relationships get tough esp with our economy around and a failing business, massage I hit burn out. My husband too, he was blowing leaves and mowing lawns and he sold some pills to pay rent to family mostly and then his health got bad, we lost our place, I could write a book, but in the end he lost hope heart failure and overdosed on diaudid. I had to move, lost my doctor second one because you all know when you take more you run out and Doctor gets suspicious big bummer there.

I moved in with my parents and had to go off methadone cold turkey, no doctors in my area were prescribing it. So when I finally got a script of lyrica 8 pills and 30 ambien I took em all. I was so sleep deprived from days and nights with no sleep, I took a few and was in heaven, then my roommate wanted some of them, I said no and preceded to take all the pills.

He called but was still mad at me. I was unresponsive, but still breathing. It hurt my family so bad. Its now been a year and a half off of methadone with several relapses on other meds I just discontinued ambiien because like valium my tolerance was still so high and I needed more, but it was messing with my speech and cognition and memory..

I have found seroquel to work well, I stay up til about 1, take 2 mgs , eat something and then lay down and do some dbts. I still feel strange without my usual drugs, noises bother me, Im real sensitive now, I am in outpatient care with others in my boat. I still struggle with chronic fatigue and have thought about trying suboxone for fibro lyrica is ok but I still lack energy find joy in excercising again and maybe find a caregiving job.

Find meaning in my life. Im tired of obsessing on meds, therapy is good as well, but there is more to life and there are real life people out there that I can touch. Many thanks for a very good article. I am concerned with the memory loss. I was taking 10mg every day, and experienced strong memory loss symptoms, even total amnesia.

I blamed it on age 61 and suspect — still- that I could have a premature form of dementia like my dad, which seems to be genetic. But the simplest explanation is sometimes elsewhere, so my question is: I have now stopped taking Ambien every day. I do occasionally, and then, I confess, I take a 10mg and break a third of a second pill.

My ambien addiction has gotten completely out of hand. On a good night I take mg, sleep like a baby and wake up feeling refreshed and joyful. I want to tartrate off this stuff and feel free. And how long will it take until I am completely free of this? Hi I am taking zolpidem daily 50 to 70 and now I feel tremor is my hand and face! Two years on zolpidem 10 mg first time I slept for hours in years Got nervous after I awakened with out breath 2x in one year took minutes to try to get air finally little by little I recovered Dr.

I need to sleep need the extra little piece i break off now at about 7mgs to sleep.. I am 84 years old in top physical shape with out any problems except sleep Can this really kill me with 7 mgsI. My daughter took 30 Zolpidem tablets today. She has just been admitted but we have not heard a prognosis. Will she be OK?

I do not like to judge people but holy shit, these comments make me sad. Un to 5 pila in a range of 10 Hours. Is this a Problems? Doctors have not believed me but it really is true. I need to know if that person decieed to stop them, how long time can i give that person to be done with it. Knowing it needs to be done slowly….

I started with 5mg in and started 10mg but now it is not working. Is it safe to take 15mg. I have been prescribed hydroxyzine 25mg tablets and Zolpidem 10 mg tablets. I have suffered from insomnia for years, Trie a variety of medication. Started with one 5mg of zolpidem per day and now up to 4 times 5mg. Then you need to find a new doctor to treat the anxiety and depression, which may very well be the main causes of you insomnia.

I do not get enough sleep; I wake up on average 3 times a night. So I asked my pcp to switch to12mg of ambien ER. Did I overdo it? I just want to know i took 2. HYdrocodone at 7: I took my zolpidem 10 mg is that two much and be an overdose. Dear julie luton, in the past, I have taken more Ambien than I was supposed to have taken. The only way to fix all these problems that you are having, as per my neurologist, is to take the Ambien the correct way every night — no more than 10 milligrams per night.

My wife takes ambian and xanax 2mg at night and zaniflex. I worry about her taking that we are both close to sixty years old so does that make it more dangerous. Thanks a worried husband. I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and the doctor has prescribed a CPAP machine. It is so uncomfortable, I cannot sleep with it on. He then recommended 10 mg Ambien which helps a little but not much. The sleep apnea has been identified as a major contributor to my A-Fib.

Should I up the dosage of Ambien to get more sleep? My 35 year old son, who weighs around , took 13 Ambien 10 milligrams last Friday. He has not had access to Ambien the month before. My psychiatrist has given me Paxil for depression, but I'm still taking all the Ambien. If you can help me with advice on how to break this cycle, I would be extremely grateful.

Thank you and God Bless. Yes, it must be difficult to deal with the co-occurring disorders of depression and possible addiction. I'd suggest that you seek help with an addiction treatment center that specializes in treating both. At its root, depression is a lack of energy, but you will need to look into both behavioral as well as cognitive ways to re-energize yourself. And you cannot start this process until the Ambien is under control. Does your doctor know that you take Ambien throughout the day?

I have been taking ambien for about 2 years now just for the fun of it and have always used my doctor's prescriptions. I'm worried that perhaps I have caused damage to my liver; as I know how damaging acetaminophen can be to the liver. I have never taken ambien for longer than a month at a time and never exceeded more than 30 mg in one day.

And then I would taper off a bit, maybe take 10 or 5 mg the next day. I'll go months without using it all, so I'm wondering: Do I have any reason to worry? If you want to check the function of your liver, common tests that are used to evaluate how well the liver is working liver function include: Does the weight of the patient factor in to dosage,ie. Thanks for your question, but I think that this would be best answered by a pharmacist.

You can call or walk in to a local pharmacy for a qualified medical answer. After a certain amount of ambien, the subreceptors are full. When you take on extra ambien, they can't bind-nowhere to bind. Can anyone tell the the actual number of ambien it takes to max out the effect? I think that a pharmacist can answer your question. It's rather technical and would be best suited for this type of medical professional. I have been using and getting my 10mg ambien for yrs.

I get 30 3mg Lunesta as well as my Ambien so I can pretty much use what I want in moderation but if the doc. This is just for ur own safty. As far as the maxed out effect, after 80mgs of ambien, I couldn't feel the other 2 at all so under mgs is ok IMO only once u have established some sort of tolerance. Out of the mg's I used one night, I injected 6, ate 2 and snorted 2.

Great sleepy, out of it buzz but worth it once a mo. I've had 3 friends go to rehab due to the fact that they were taking up to 10mg pills everyday and during the day! Get free 7day sample at Lunesta. Enjoy and hope this helps a bit. Also remember that this is for info purposes only and in no way am I a doc. Peace out guys and be carfull out there!

If I take sublingual Ambien 10 mg every night for 10 days and stop, how many days must I remain off it before it is safe to use it again? Thank you, Bert Bell. Hi, I have a question about ambien usage. I started taking 10 mg of ambien once a day. Then 2 a day. Now I am up to 4 a day 10mg. My concern is that if taking 40 mg a day can cause liver or kidney damage? I have been taking 40 mg for about a year, 2 in the morning and 2 at about 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

I do alright with 40mg. My main concern is liver or kidney damage? Are you taking Ambien as prescribed? I'd suggest that you consult with a pharmacist via phone or walk in consultation to learn more. I've only been taking ambien for a few weeks and my vision is getting blurry, so I have stopped taking it. Has anyone have this same problem and if so does it clear up and if so how long does it take?

My friend literally right in front of me took 2 10mg ambiens and then about thirty minutes later she took 4 more.. She keeps convincing me that this is okay. She starting acting really crazy when she took the first two i actually recorded it.. She calm now laying down but who is to say that she will wake up in the morning. She has been perscribed this medication for about a year now.

She don't want to go to the hospital.. Im pretty scarf and. You can call the Poison Control Center at Sorry that this response is a few days after the event. You've probably developed a very high tolerance to zolpidem. Yes, I'd suggest that you seek professional medical advice. It may be possible or you to taper down the dose at home under medical supervision.

But in addition to lowering your doses, you'll need some help in coming up with alternatives for sleep. Have you been through a trauma which makes it very difficult for you to fall or stay asleep? Psychotherapy, meditation, or daily exercise can also help you manage insomnia. Thanks for your question.

The short answer is: However, you'll need a back up plan to address insomnia, because re-bound insomnia can occur during withdrawal. You can check out more on how to withdraw from Ambien here: My friend took mg zolpidem for suicide but failed now she has lost her memory. Is it possible that only mg zolpidem causes memory loss or she is acting? I take one Ambien at Is this too much?

I can't sleep the whole night on taking only one. Ambien strength is 10 mg. You can contact the FDA directly to learn more: The amount of dosage taken by your friend is too much and must have required medical attention. Complete memory loss is not possible according to me. You can check online regarding your issue and i am sure you will find a satisfactory answer. I have been taking ambien for years 4 to 5. I have stopped taking it 2 -3 times before. Then start again cause I can't sleep.

I stop taking it 3 days ago. I had 1 bad hallucination, have stomach cramps and naseau. I don't want to go back on it anymore. What can u do to help me sleep and stop medication when I've taken it this long? Can my memory damage be cured? I have been taking 10mg zilpidem generic for ambient for at least 10 years. I toss n turn hrs b4 falling asleep. One I do fall asleep will sleep hrs. Thinking about doubling dose.

It's a good idea to seek a doctor's opinion and advise. Please, let us know how it goes. I have been on ambien for about a year, starting out on the 5mg dose and quiickly was changed to the I have been trying to get my sleep habits in line with that of a normal 40 year old. It just feels more comfortable to sleep for short periods of time during daylight hours. Laundry, cooking , cleaning all happen at night.

For a while, dating the Ambien at 10 PM worked quite well. Now to even feel grogy I ned to take two. If anyone is taking, ergo prescribed, enough Ambien to be taking pills a day, shouldn't the doctor be the one to be looked at by the AMA. If you're buying them off the street, then you're a fool. They're great for helping causing you to fall asleep.

Call me crazy, 10mg at bedtime has worked for me for months, and trust me I am well versed in narcotic addiction from my past. I just don't think it offers that much of a high, especially after a couple of weeks, but it stills helps me fall asleep. I have never dreamed of taking any during the day. Granted, I take 2.

Almost as a prep to go to bed in a couple of hours when I take the Ambien. Why am I reading about people taking so many and why haven't I read one comment that sounded alarmed by the claims of those who are taking a day. Iv been taking ambient for a while following near death experience im in constant pain and ambien is my only release without it I'm nervous scared and can't live a normal life any suggestions would help me I'm really struggling thank.

I had taken mg ambien because I had gone to the ER because of panic attacks. Was sent home nothing was given to treat the panic attacks so still panicky I began to self medicate with ambien. Took eight more ambien, mg topamax, mg meclizine, and a half quart Amoretto. I was found wandering around town unsteady on my feet. Someone saw me stumbling around and called I was discharged the second time that day and regained consciousness in a town four hours away.

I blacked out again and woke up in another ER that apparently discharged me to a mental health facility. I woke up in a stripped room no curtains no bed linens and under constant observation. I had no memory of how I had ended up there. However was treated like I was functionally incapable. I still can't remember how I got there or what made the person who did my intake think I had low mental capacity.

I suffer from panic attacks. I do not suffer from depression, manic depression, schizophrenia or autism. I know I lake too much I just wast to stop. How do I do this? The bast way to eventually stop Ambien is to gradually lower the dose you are currently taking. This way you can minimize the discomfort from the withdrawal and experience less severe symptoms. Your doctor can help you create a tapering schedule that fits your needs best, and also give you other medicines to assist the withdrawal process.

I have been taking halcion - 2 pills nightly of. Due to insurance reasons, they will only pay for 15 pills a month I have not been sleeping at all since I've been taking them If the medication has stopped working for you, you should see your doctor again. Taking more meds than prescribed more frequently or larger doses is considered abuse and can lead to many risky and dangerous results. I take ant depression drugs, will mixing with 60mg zolpidem swallow cause damage.

I take mg Lamictal for mood stability, I take 4 different HIV meds, I take 10mg and on the rare occasion 20mg of Ambien for about a year now. I'm probably missing something but suffice it to say I think I made my point. Ambien is not a sleeping pill like Seconal. It's purpose is to help you ease into a sleep, not keep you asleep. Your body should take over for that purpose. I also have Hep C and recently underwent 12 weeks of treatment. Nothing caused any liver damage as my liver was monitored monthly.

I had slight cirrhosis but this was already there when I first diagnosed, and probably because I didn't diagnose for what I believe were at least 20 years of a lot of drinking and illicit drug use IV , actually how I contracted Hep C. My point, don't take more than the doctor orders and if you need to get high, and I understand that feeling although I've conquered it but for one thing, smoke pot. It's been referred to erroneously as the Gateway drug. I refer to it as the go to drug. It was not, by far, the first mind altering drug I took but it's the one I always feel back on during my Narcotic, Cocaine and Meth addictions.

It's the only thing I know, and enjoy, that does not build up a tolerance and has a definite pleasant mind altering experience. Peyote or magic mushrooms also. Trust me, and I'm not being flippant, the Native American's were on to something. It's only in my opinion, but a lot of these comments, some even admit, sound like the goal is to get high, not just a good night's rest.

Let me add, are your respective doctors informing you that Ambien is to be taken approximate minutes before you are ready to retire for the evening in a dark, quiet room…NO TV. I sleep for hours that way good sleep for an almost 60 year old who also is a firm believer in naps. Unrelated, but how did some of you upload your pictures? I can't find a "my account" to click on or anything that says "upload a picture. It's called Gravatar and you can attach a photo to your email, so every time you use your email address to comment online, it will show up automatically.

Here is another link that will explain all the steps: I takes 8 to 10 ambiem a might and I am overweight. I'm going to a psychiatrist to get off them , I'm scared, my sister says in not myself. The medicine is kicking in. I'll be Bach tomorrow,. Does a 10 mg dose have the same affect on a lb person as it does on a normal sized person? I feel that my Ambien dose is not working very well and was wondering if it was because of my weight.

Do I need a higher dosage? I have been diagnosed with major clinical depression for the fifth time. I take 30 mg of Lexpro nightly which doesn't seem to be working yet, but I have only been on this dose for three weeks. Anyway, I have also been taking It makes me fall instantly and soundly asleep. I do not need to drive anywhere upon rising and I get a full 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

Is this a safe amount? Is it somehow causing the insomnia? I am just taking klonopin along with it now, an experiment without my anti-depressants or mood stabilizer I want to see what a full attack of my anxiety by klonopin can do, without other meds confusing me I think I'll go to. I'm a little scared of it, unlike my ambien, which I know very well and don't fear, even like the slight high at times My daughter loves this drug. I have a prescription and she ask me for some Then more and more and more So far she has taken 8 10 mg.

Ambien and still begging for more!!! What can I do??? Hey in the past 48 hours my mother has taken mg of Ambien 37 10mg pills she does this everytime her doctor prescribes them which is monthly what should I do. I have taken ambien for many years and some day I take up to 6 or 7. Not all at the same time. It makes me feel fine. I hope I'm not hurting my self. I have been taking zopidiem 10 tom 20 mg for 4 years and was able to sleep. Then I went to rehalb and stopped completelely.

I cannot sleep lots of dreams for 8 months. So after 8 months I started taking 20 mg zopidiem twice a week. But sadly it does not work anymore. Tody I swallowed 40mg but could not sloeep. Is it better to chew. What do I do. How many zolpediem I need to sleep. It is very painful. Do you know a doctor who can help. It is pretty strange. Is Zopiclone wont give me problems. Need your help asap. You need to stop this vicious cycle. The more you take zolpidem to help you sleep - the more your tolerance to the medication grows and it works less.

Another problem you have is dependence; your body has learned that the chemicals the brain needs to induce sleep are coming from an external source, so the brain stops producing its own sleep chemicals. The way to get back to normal is to stop using zolpidem by slowly reducing doses, and then completely stopping and letting your organism heal. Consult your doctor about the course of treatment for zolpidem dependence.

I have stopped taking Zopidiem for 8 months. But it does not work. What do you do. Is Zopiclone is answer. I've been trying Ambien 10mg tartrate don't know what that means anyway, it relaxes me but doesn't really help to fall asleep. I thought about trying 2 together but someone said something about adverse side effects. Anyone know what those are? I take 2 ambien with 2 Xanax and I sleep Great!!!!!? I have recently been diagnosed with insomnia and received a prescription for ambian.

Now the first night i went home I took as follows and it to me 3 instead of 4 hour to actually get some sleep. Then it was the weekend I tend to get home pretty late on the weekends so I felt no need to take them. Now sunf at night 9 pm rolls around I decide to take two this time to go to bed. And honestly fell a sleep in 20 minutes. My question is is this the right thing to do and if. So what do I do when it's 15 days before refill time and I'm done with my ambian?

I'm sure they won't refill early. My wife is on 5mg which is prescribed by her doctor. She has been on zolpidem consistantly for over 3 years. She taking double tablets most nights, as well as her normal dosages of painkillers, diabettes medication, epilepsy tablet, high blood pressure tablets. She walks around like zombie, speech slurry as if she is drunk.

Is this doing a lot more harm to her health. Hi, I'm on ambien 5 m. I been ambien for over three years and need something safer to take, I did not wean off depakote m. Now been suffering with insomnia related disorder from the depakote, what can I do? Suffering fir over five years. I've taken 2 tablets and I still can't get to sleep should I take another?? Ambien is a sleep aid taken at the. Any more than that produces euphoria followed by intense sleepiness.

The melting of lage amounts and administering it though a beverage not mentioning any name. I have to take 2 ambien for it to work.. I am having memory loss and several of the other side effects.. What should I do? I have been taking it for almost 2 yrs. Memory loss is one of the worst side effects of Ambien. I suggest you consult your doctor immediately to change your medication.

Not if you weren't prescribed by your doctor. Using zolpidem Ambien together with escitalopram Lexapro may increase side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, and difficulty concentrating. Some people may also experience some impairment in thinking and judgment. So, no driving or doing hazardous tasks is advised. Also, adding alcohol to the combination should be completely out of the picture, so no drinking while on these meds. Can I take 3 10mg ambien and be okay or not, how much should I take without killing myself.

I'd suggest you consult a doctor, or a pharmacist before increasing the dosage of Ambien. I have been on ambien for a while now and have never taken over 10mg per night! I don't take them to get high or for the "fun of it" I actually take them to sleep. I have major anxiety, ocd, panic disorder and ptsd so the ambien helps me to fall asleep instead of laying there with 10 million things running through my mind.

I recently just got 5 mg instead of 10 mg. I was just wondering if it's okay to take 2 of the 5 mg's since I have always taken 10 mg? I would never ever consider taking more than 10 mg! Just figured 2 of the 5 mg would be the same as 1 10 mg! I am just considering the other ingredients in the medication as well! Thanks for your help! I have Ambien 10ng. But it does not put me to sleep.

My doctor told me a while ago to try this and it works. I have a very difficult time getting and staying asleep. Have you talked with your doctor about this? One Zolpidem at night is what I'm suppose to take, but it only lasts two hours, I toss and turn trying to sleep so I take another one it does the same thing. All I want is at least six hours of sleep before my day get started I'm a grandmother so it gets very busy and I need that rest so what am I suppose to do?

I suggest you to seek medical advice or talk with a pharmacist. Also, you may consider some home remedies and teas in combination with your medication. My doctor prescribed Ambien 5mg for me for the very 1st time to help me with insomnia. Took one at 8: I am having problems falling to sleep. I don't want to take Ambien every night. I only want to take it every three days - so I can try to sleep by doing mediation and deep breathing. Will I become dependent on it if I use it for months.

Thank you for any help you can give me! I have been taking Ambien for at least 5 years, but not every night. How long is too much and what are the medical detriments for taking it this long? My question to anyone is this Then after im out for 10 mins My dogs storm in my room and wake my slumber so rudely. Problem and question i have is now im wide awake with work in 6hrs. So can i take 2 more ambiens to knock myself out once again.

Works everytime but ya'll have me concerned. I take 1 tablet of 10mg of ambien. What would happen if i take 2? Has your doctor increased your dosage? If not, please consider that it is illegal to consume medications other than prescribed, and you put yourself at risk. My insomnia is severe. I take 20mg ambien at bedtime. Then repeat at 3am, and 7am. I have been doing this a few years. Of course I feel fuzzy headed the next day but nothing more. Am I doing myself physical damage? Do you have any suggestions as to how I can return to just 10mg a night?

I have a very high tolerance to Benzo. I can take 10mg a day and be chill all day. Does that mean I need to increase my ambein doses up to around 70 or 80 to get the hillusionatons Effect. I accidentily took tw0- 12,5 mg of Ambien with in 14 hours, What can I do? I am scared Now affraid to go to sleep Please help. I know this blog is a couple years old Many years ago, I was addicted to pain meds and ambien.

If I go right to bed, I'm ok and sleep. Without it,mot large amounts of a couple other things, madam for 10 days. Have a lot of ambien and over last 3 days, immediately took enough to sleep afternoon. Next day, did it twice. No reason,methinks I just don't want to deal w day.


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