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So im thinking im pretty addicted to ambien and well anything that will affect my gaba receptors ie alcohol and marijuana. My hands are shaky throughout the day, making it hard to write, eat, drink or keep my hand on the mouse while on the computer. Im still searching for a good remedy to my sleep issues as I have chronic pain and most of my problems stem from pain keeping my awake or waking me up from a sound sleep. Call your doctor right away if you find out that you have been driving or doing anything else unusual while you were sleeping. In addition, drug manufacturers are legally required to share any complaints they receive about a product with the agency.

Don't have a choice ran out of medicine I'll find new alternative. Anonymous taken for 2 to 5 years January 14, Gargled cold water, spit it out a few times. Family woke me naked in recliner in morning. OGQtx70 taken for 1 to 6 months January 13, It generally took about 15 minutes after I took the medication I was asleep.

I no longer take this medication because it is astronomically expensive with no co-pay assistance card. If they could get the cost down I would switch back. This issues had been struggle me. Even worst of those side effects. I tried so many different type of pills. Lastly I been prescribed Stilnox CR Which work pretty awesome. Which now I can sleep hours of uninterrupted sleep and I can control my anxiety during work time.

Probably I had enough sleep that why. Jerry vll January 5, So its not long lasting Rosie December 23, I tried a bunch of different meds and eventually tried ambien. It definitely puts me to sleep but doesn't keep me asleep. After about 4 hours it's completely out of my system. I have been taking it for 8 years now. I tried lunesta, sonata, trazadone, seroquil, klonopin, melatonin, valerian root, even ambien controlled release. This is the only med that can get me to sleep and not give me a weird drugged feeling in the am.

Ambien CR didn't even put me to sleep. I would recommend it just beware of the side effects it has, that is night eating and doing things you don't recall in the am. Cheryl taken for 5 to 10 years December 14, I started off with 5 mg then went to 10 mg and then 20 mg. Once the 20mg stopped working I am now changing to a different sleep aid.. Tired female December 13, I had always been a chronic insomniac and had tried everything, including regular Ambien not the CR , none of which worked reliably.

When I first started CR it worked well for about a year, but then not only was it only effective about every 3rd day. It nearly killed me, literally. Some horrible side effects: I stopped cold turkey and in 3 days ALL my symptoms were gone!! Dewey December 12, The meds I was on to stop contractions made me jittery and restless.

When offered a sleeping med I jumped for joy. This was before the side effects were known. Now 17 years later I have been through 8 detoxes followed by 7 rehab stays. Now clean for over 3 years from Ambien addiction that almost cost me my life I want to warn anyone away from this drug. At the worst of my addiction I was taking 60 Ambien, 30 Halcyon,30 Oxypam for panic attacks and 90 Ativan for withdrawal seizures.

I have blank spots in my memory that sometimes span weeks. Worst mistake of my life". Southerndrugged taken for 10 years or more December 7, No matter how tired I am, I can't fall asleep or stay asleep. With Ambien I sleep all night. I think the mistake people make is they take too much. It's not supposed to drug you and make you pass out. It allows you to fall asleep naturally.

No need to increase amount. The generics are much cheaper but, you can wait for hours before it works. Sometimes, it never does. Sadly, I can not find the original Ambien anymore. This leads to sleepless nights. Insomnia melatonin , lorazepam , amitriptyline , Ambien , Ativan , diphenhydramine , temazepam , doxepin , Elavil , Restoril , Lunesta , Ibuprofen PM , eszopiclone , Belsomra , Rozerem , triazolam , zaleplon , ramelteon , Sonata , doxylamine , Halcion , Silenor , flurazepam , estazolam , More The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records.

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User Reviews for Zolpidem Also known as: Zolpidem Rating Summary User Ratings Miscellaneous anxiolytics, sedatives and hypnotics. Can I drink beer with zolpidem tartrate? Has anyone seen green elliptical zolpidem? My wife takes several different prescription medicines and wondering possible side effects? And also for your youthful openness and perspective about possible Ambien dependence and addiction. I wish you all the best! If I ran out of pills I was terrified of trying sleep without it.

When I got pregnant I stopped it right away but started back on it once my baby was sleeping thru the night. It felt basically like a good buzz without having to drink. I enjoyed the effects and changes to my personality. When on Ambien I was more brave, risk taking, attractive and aroused. It really is like an alternate personality. I love taking Ambien to be honest. I have done all the crazy things noted. Could it be connected to my meds? The Ambien and Lorazepam can both cause these problems.

I had no idea! I had never made the connection. I thought it was just me. Since that day I have not taken any of those meds. Now I think all those fears of quitting were really just in my head. I pray everyday that I do not have long-term or irriversable damage. I am so happy to have found this forum to know I am not alone, that others experienced the same feelings. I hope you all find the strenght to overcome this as well.

Good luck to all……….. I had posted on here a month or so ago about the crazy effects that ambian was having on me sleep talking, texting, singing.. After taking Ambien I apparantly decided to go in the hottub. I know I need to wean off, its been 10 years of taking them daily and I still have insomnia even with them so I am desperately afraid of no sleep and how horrible I feel when I even miss one night of them I am like a zombie. I applaud others efforts to wean off and so wish I had the courage to quit.

I am definately thinking about locking myself in the bedroom after taking it so I dont end up in the hottub again. This medicine is serious business, to anyone consider taking it more than just occasionally, really think about it because it is very hard to sleep without it once you start your body needs it to sleep. Thank you so much for sharing what your doctor told you about the long term effects of lorazepam, Mischelle.

I had hysterectomy and had insomnia ever since. I am a pretty active, educated person. Feeling as if I am with it one minute and out of it the next during the day. My body aches etc. I thought I was getting sick and started telling my husband that I felt as if something seriously was medically wrong with me. It occured to me that Ambien may be to blame.

I found this site and appreciate everyone sharing their stories. I threw my pills down the toilet today and not taking any more chances. I can not believe this drug is even pushed by doctors. I have never felt so horrible in my life. My brain feels as if it is slowly leaving. I started to feel anxiety not realizing it was the Ambien, started taking anxiety pills during the day on top of the Motrin to combat my migraines.

Never again, I would much rather go with out sleep. Never did deep sleep and cannot sleep w-cpap machine without some ambien. I have had epsiodes of getting high. Excercise, eat well, but without it I get hrs a sleep a day. Tried everything natural before. It seemed like a miracle drug. Have been taking it now for almost 3 years. Definitely talking to my dr. I seem to be off balance alot and I thought it was just getting old, but this really makes me think if it is not the ambien.

I never used to do that. Thanks for sharing more about your experience with Ambien. Do you your cognitively impaired symptoms go away after taking ambien or is it permanently? Im having difficultly recalling the words I need to communicate my thoughts. How long have you been off Ambien? I had spina bifida occulta, which means a chronic irritated urge to urinate. I suffered a major trauma when 17 years old. After the hospitalization for the jejunitis, I was prescribed ambien, took on a nightly basis since I no longer sleep with my husband, my work has suffered tremendously.

I do not take the medicine if I know I will have a late night commitment. I have not increased my dosage in the entire six years I took this medication. I have stopped before for several months at a time with no luck, ending up in the shape I am fast approaching again. However, I am getting older and it is harder to bounce back from this. My biggest conscern has been the ongoing chest pain.

If I seek a new dr. I can produce pharmacy and medical records to prove otherwise. What am I to do? Yours is a rather difficult and complex case with lots of emotional undertones. I can understand as a new mother the real need for sleep and the frustration that occurs when you do not sleep well. I would personally look into major lifestyle changes in order to sleep better. First, create a log of ALL activities for at least a week. Then, ask for recommendations from trusted medical professionals: Everyone you can think of.

Maybe there is something going on in your daily routine that you cannot see that is the key to getting good sleep. No real problems as discussed in most of the previous comments. It really helps me fall asleep. I take it as prescribed, and just before going to bed. I am mostly concerned if there are any major health concerns from taking it for so long. Again, no complaints from it, just curious if I should quit taking it for long term health issues.

There is currently no published data supporting the efficacy and safety of zolpidem beyond six months. Long term effects could possibly intensify insomnia, rather than treat it. If you can sleep without Ambien, why not try something like melatonin for a while until you can even wean from that. Lifestyle changes such as regular minute exercise or daily meditation can significantly help sleeping problems. I am always so terrified of this cocktail of dangerous drugs.

As with the other posters on this site, he pops all 5 of his assorted pills at bed time. He wanders the house and eats several times a night. During the day, he normally eats nothing because he is up all night eating. He is also tired every day. He wakes up tired. For someone his age he should be so active but, he literally does nothing. At home he sleeps, complains about being sick, sore muscles, headache, stomach issues….

I think I get one day a month that he says he feels ok. It actually frightens me thinking about our up-coming wedding because I am a very active person and I feel that I am marrying a grandpa. My 84 year old mom is more active. It seems most nights he cannot wait till it reaches 8 or 9 pm so he can take those stupid pills. As far as the Ambien wild intercourse part……that is not going on here.

We get the minutes to hurry up and get the deed done before he starts snoring. I am reading the posts on this site tonight because I am so Fed Up. Got up 30 minutes later and ate a TINY bit of food which I prepared and within 10 minutes was back to bed sound asleep. He got up about an hour ago to take his stupid pills and pee up for about 3 minutes ….. I am an active person. At his size and age, he should be able to do tons of stuff.

I mow the lawn, do all the house work, take care of pets, climb ladders to change light bulbs …. I am seriously considering postponing or cancelling the wedding until he gets off this stuff. As for talking to the doctors — good luck with that folks: I have twice now. I have argued with his doctor about this Ambien and the doctor tells me he needs it and that I am overly-worried over nothing.

I have read several articles online about the VA and the Seriquel cocktails and it scares the hell out of me for him. The side effects of these drugs are terrifying. I just want my man to ba a man and not a zombie. I now plan to stop taking them as well in a week. O, I was on Zanax for a two month span with the Ambien and took way to many of them as well and was falling over a lot but that has all stopped since I quit the Zanax. Best of luck to all, Fred. How long can you expect these withdrawal symptoms to occur?

You can learn more here:. Hi, My neighbor has been taking Ambien for 7 years and is having problems with shortness of breath. What can I tell her about the long term side effects of Ambien? Also, seek a consult with a pharmacist who cares. Thank you for sharing. I did not realize that people died from long term ambian use. What exactly is it that it does to kill people? Are they dying from physical side effects of long term use or behaviors associated with its use ambian driving…ect. This scares me silly.

Though I take the same dose as I have for ten years my memory has suffered greatly. I am a graduate student and it is greatly affecting the quality of my work and everyday function. When I mentioned to my doctor my memory problems I am 43 he called it something like early dementia suggesting perhaps it was associated with depression.

My niece passed away in a drowning accident last summer and I admittedly have been quite depressed but the memory loss has been here much longer than that. I just feel like he was passing the buck on the memory loss when clearly I feel and from everything I have read the ambian is a huge contributer. My son in law takes Ambian for ten years and in the last few years has added on Lunesta.

Os it typical for a doctor to prescribe both sleep aids at the same time? He also takes two antidepressants. Hello, I have been taking Ambien for at least 3 years. Then I had to take a whole pill get to sleep. It seems like I get to sleep easily when I first go to bed, but I will wake up after 3 to 4 hours. Am I permanently damaging my brain. I would like to stop taking Ambien,but I like to get a full nites sleep. What should I do? Just to be clear — it seems that you are Ambien-dependent and not Ambien-addicted.

Dependence indicates the physical need for a medication or drug, while addiction indicates a psychological or emotional need. And once you get Ambien out of your system and go through withdrawal, you can learn to sleep again naturally. And simultaneously, you might seek out a sleep professional or sleep center that can teach you how to sleep again. Rubin Naiman has some great books and teachings about sleep.

Or there may be a sleep center near you. Lifestyle adaptations and changes can work wonders for difficult sleeping patterns. I am menopausal and insomnia has ruined my life prior to ambien. I only take 5mg at night and sleep like a baby and am energized all day long. I have none of the bizarre side effects that are listed.

Why should I stop taking this and return to insomnia hell? Melatonin and Benadryl have not worked for me in the past. Thank you for any insight! I have blogged on here in the past to reach out for support and information, for that I thank this Blog! I decided that after years of using Ambien, it was time to stop. I broke it down like this, I do not want to have to take a pill to do one of the most natural things in life… sleep. Sleep is important and when disrupted for a long time can be unhealthy, but what about putting this pill in my system every night??

I am not prescribing this but simply sharing this. I decided to stop taking Ambien, so I just stopped. Sure, I had about a week of on and off restful sleep, mostly off… but I am now off of it for about 6 weeks and am averaging about hours of sleep each night… ON MY OWN. So, it can be done. I have actually had a really good experience with long-term use of Ambien, because I had terrible insomnia for many years, and when I started taking Ambien I could sleep, and then all my worrying about not being able to sleep was let go.

So just knowing that Ambien is out there has greatly reduced my anxiety. I just worry about any other physical effects from the meds. I am physically dependent on ambien, but have tried all of the alternatives OTC, herbal, other z-drugs, benzos, trazodone, mirtazapine, off-label SSRIs and nothing else helped. I have been taking ambien cr for three years. I feel sluggish,have tachycardia and am just tired of having no energy.

I have been cleared through my cardiologist—no heart problems??? I would like to get off the ambien but I am so addicted to ir now that I feel stuck. I need to sleep. I was prescribed zolpidem ambien over two years ago. I was forced to stop taking the drug without weaning- just a cold turkey stop. I have been going through withdraw now for two months, with dizziness, headaches, nausea, irregular heartbeat and other problems that I am not sure may have to do with the use of the drug, or the discontinued use of the drug.

At the least, mild dysphoria and insomnia, abdominal and muscle cramps, vomiting, sweating, tremors, convulsions, fatigue, flushing, lightheadedness, nervousness, and panic attacks may occur. I feel like I am addicted to Ambien. I have take 5 to 10mg every day for the last 2 years. I am 36 years old and had struggled with insomia for years before finally finding some relief with Ambien.

For the most part it has worked for me and have not experienced any of the serious side effects like sleep walking. I have never taken more than 10mg. My intention was to never to be taking the pill this long. Or, at least I would like to limit it to just taking during the two weeks prior to my period, which is when I find it most difficult to sleep.

But, as soon I make the decision not to take a pill, my body begins to react. I begin to panic. My heart feels like it is racing. I feel uncomfortable an anxious. Soon the fear of not getting enough sleep for work the next day always leads me to give in and take a pill. I have been taking Ambien for about 14 years and I know I am addicted to it. But the thought of not taking it just causes major anxiety issues.

I am already on Celexa and Klonipin, for the depression and anxiety. I have been reading about all the side effects that ambien is causing. But some sleep is better then none. I also do have a glass of wine or a beer after I take the ambien. Is Lunesta any better for you???? I took ambien for over 4 years and I recently quit cold turkey…well I supplemented with melatonin and valerian root. During use and even now, I wake up with uncontrollable shaking hands and tremors.

My hands are shaky throughout the day, making it hard to write, eat, drink or keep my hand on the mouse while on the computer. I will accidentally click on things because of the shaking. I am an ambien user of two years. I take one 10mg pill every night. This blog is only one side of the story. I am telling mine. I am not discounting any of the users here who reported bad experiences. I am merely providing an alternative experience that was not.

By the way, I do not like the advice being doled out here for meditation as a safe alternative to medication or other relaxation practices. While we should be cautious of our prescribed medications, I warn that meditation has been associated with spaciness, disconnect from reality, detachment to the point that normal, human responsibilities and relationships seem unimportant.

Not all meditations are alike. Not all meditative practices will work for everyone. I am not sure if I am allowed to post sources here at this blog, but medical studies do exist that show adverse reactions to meditation. Solomon Snyder, head of neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University, warns that during meditation the brain releases serotonin. This may help those with mild depression but too much serotonin can cause, in some, a paradoxical relaxation-induced anxiety.

Instead of relaxing during meditation, these people become distressed and may even have panic attacks. Snyder says that in some cases of schizophrenia, meditation can launch a person straight into psychosis. I have been on ambien steadily for about a month now. I work 24 hour shifts and do not take ambien on those nights. I work in a stressful job and my sleep patterns are erratic due to the nature of the business. I was hoping that a week of being on it would reset my sleep pattern.

I have even cut down caffeine and sugary foods after 4pm to help me get to sleep. However at the end of a 24hr shift if I am exhausted I sleep for hours unassisted. But I fear this messes up my sleep pattern as well. So that being said…what is recommended to help me develop a normal sleep routine on my days off? You have a very exceptional case of perhaps combine insomnia and circadian rhythm disorders. A sleep disorder assessment includes a physical exam, health history, and sleep history.

This medication is strong hypnotic, and should be prescribed for short term use of 6 weeks or less. You can develop physical dependence on Ambien quickly, and then experience withdrawal when you stop taking it. Here are some links that might help you:. Some of the posts on this site are ridiculous. Taking 10mg of Ambien every night is no different than drinking coffee every morning. I have been taking it for years and am healthier than ever.

The people reporting bad experiences sound like they have other problems… Probably not related to Ambien. Try yoga, exercise and eating well. And what is up with that silly photo of a guy laying on a rug. Is that intended to hype this site up? How about showing a person cuddled up to a pillow in bed sound asleep? I have been taking ambien for couple of months….. I remember taking one pill……two days later I woke up and discovered I took 30…10mg pills in 2 days….

Never told dr what i took…. I ran into this drug about 6 years ago and it helped me get some great sleep. At the time, I found sleep to be impossible for a variety of reasons. Ambien seemed like the right drug to fix this. It was so easy and I always felt refreshed the next day. But over the years, I started noticing some changes.

Interestingly enough, I started sleeping less! I also started working more. I have a pretty stressful job and really need the sleep that I get with the drug. I find myself working right up to the point when I will go to sleep, so I take the pill while still working. Eventually, it hits and I go to bed, basically taking 2 min or less to go to sleep. Realizing not, I go back to bed and eventually get up in the morning — with a total of 6 hours sleep.

I feel very forgetful. I have a terrible time remembering first names. Even people I have known for years! Recently, I was playing some trivia and felt like a complete idiot. I could not answer anything. Or it would take me too long to come up with the answer. I also have found that there are times when I have nothing to say. Like nothing pops into my mind to talk about when a random conversation with a stranger should be easy. I used to feel gregarious, interesting, and extroverted. Now I feel like an empty shell, boring and stupid.

And I know something is causing this. I have decided after reading everything here that I am not alone. And that this may be due to Ambien. I quit 2 nights ago. The first night was terrible. I could not sleep at all and just watched a bunch of Netflix movies. But when I tried to sleep, I noticed something interesting. Flashes of color and imagery with my eyes closed.

There was one moment of panic, like a nightmare starting while I was awake, or drifting to sleep. Things like that kept waking me up but it gave me the idea of what is going on. Perhaps the Ambien has prevented me from dreaming — an essential element to sleep and to the health of my brain! Night 2 was easier. Sure, it took forever to fall asleep, but I dreamed! I went to bed at Sure there was a lot of tossing and turning, but for someone who has slept 6 hours for years, it seemed like a change.

The main thing is the dreaming, though. It will be interesting to see how I progress. I hope that I never take this again. I hope that I continue to dream every night and that the dreams I have work to refresh or reboot my brain. I think that I have deprived myself of an essential element of rest for so long that it has tired out my normal functions. Hopefully my forgetfulness and general sense of being uninteresting will go away as my brain dreams its way back to normal function.

I do find it scary to read that a lot of people here allude to normal personality not coming back — only clarity of thought. I really hope that I have not permanently damaged myself with this pill. But I will remain hopeful and come back here in 6 months to finish my thoughts on the recovery. My husband got medically discharged from the army almost three years ago.

He has a little PTSD, and was diagnosed with insomnia and sleep apnea. I feel like he has become dependent on them. When I voice my concerns to him it starts a fight. Not ten minutes later he usually knocks out on the couch…. When he wakes up at our cats being loud an hour or two later he gets up to find a snack 11pm and sits back at the computer or tv stimulating the brain some more… at midnight he takes his pills and continues what he is doing….

He has a hard time getting up with his alarms at 9am or 10 am…. I feel like he just lacks the discipline to set a better nighttime routine. He argues that he has a medical condition and NEEDS his doctor prescribed ambien to sleep and that I am just picking on him…. I would agree with you that your husband could benefit from a regular bedtime routine. I think that your concerns are probably grounded in reality, but you may need to enlist the help of an expert to speak with your husband.

TV, video games, internet, etc. No need to be scared; addiction is a medical condition. Have you spoken with your prescribing doctor about your symptoms? Have you had a medical assessment to determine drug dependency or abuse patterns? These are the starting points: I have been prescribed Ambien for 8 years. I started out on 10 mg. I was on this dose for 4 yrs. Two years ago I started tapering. I got to 15 mg.

During this time I have been tapering. I have been taking this dosage for 4wks. I am experiencing vertigo. I have been experiencing vertigo for 6 months. However, it is worse the last 4 weeks. The vertigo is worse today. Is this connected to the change of medication? I lost my insurance in the divorce. I have been to the doctor, and blood work, blood pressure all good. However, the vertigo is an impairment in my life. If I could pin down what is causing this it would help.

Thank you for any information you can give me. I have been taking ambient for several years. I was in a car accident on Monday morning. I know I drank vodka but not how much. I have no memory from sometime on Sunday until Tuesday which is vague. I really do not have much recall until Weds. I recall the I actual impact and the fireman saying not to move as they were putting me on a flat board. I have no memory of the hospital at all. My boyfriend came over Sunday night and I was already asleep and do not remember him being here or his leaving.

Monday, other than the moment of impact and the fireman is a blank. Tuesday is vague and I fell several times in the house as things were broken. I am totally terrified. I am facing a DUI and still do not know the full impact. I know the ambien played a role. Please direct me here. Thank you for your question. I believe you can find the answer and some extra info on the following related article: I have been taking sleeping meds for about 6 years.

I have severe insomnia and before taking mes, I would go without sleep. What are the dangers if any for staying on these meds forever? I know I was pissed off but would I have sent after taking the ambien?? I have been taking Ambien for over a month because of anxiety. Reading this article has scared the crap out of me! At one time I was taking 2 melatonin, 1 benadryl, 1 muscle relaxer and 1 Ambien.

I saw my doctor he told me to quit the benadryl and I did. What if I ignored him? I told him that I wanted to try traZODone and he gave me mg tablets. I do not know what to do, now! I tried to get to sleep without taking the Ambien and just taking the traZODone with 2 Melatonin and laid awake for 5 hours before finally taking the Ambien.

If someone could share how they were able to get off of it, I would really appreciate it. I am a male, 67 years old, pounds. I have no appetite and have lost 30 pounds in the last month and a half. I do not get much exercise and I know I should get at least 30 min 3 times a week. Dear Sir, My main question is what drug should I have tapered off from 1st?

I need your help. I was taking 60 IR mg per day for 9 years.. The doc prescribed it to me because I had been depressed. I tried almost every antidepressant out there for a long period of time. None of the antidepressants worked for me. I will take that dose for 16 days before lowering to 1 IR Adderall on September 11, and so on…. Please tell me what to do, I want to give my brain a break and get of these monsters, I;m praying my brain will recover and start to produce happy brain juices. I was never depressed one day from birth till my 1st, child was born.

Diagnosed Bipolar with insomnia for past 15 years. Ambien has been prescribed in 5 mg and now 10 mg. My new psychiatrist was adamant about decreasing my Ativan, finally successfully. However, I never heard anything like this! Much fatigue during the day. Love making is gone do not know if that is the problem Keep in mind, i have been taking ambien for more than 15 years if not longer. I have had many medical tests and all i.

Other than that, n othing. I kept saying to myself, there nis something physically wrong with me and iu feel like i am going to die. So, it dawns on me putting two and two together, Insomnia,Headaches, extrem exustion , no love life i guess i am searching for an answer. My wife has taken Ambien for at least 10 years, she cannot get to sleep without it. About 8 or so years ago when I was still working, I saw my GP about insomnia due to work stress.

Since then I receive a 6 monthly repeat prescription from my GP for Zolphedin. I retired 3 years ago, but I still take the drug every evening at bed time. This ensures that I will at least sleep for 6 or more hours every night. When I try to stop taking the drug, I end up sleeping maybe for two hours a night, and spend the rest of the night staring into the dark. Invariably, I must then have a two or so hour afternoon sleep. I have no side effects at all taking this drug, but I would like to stop, but sill be able to have a good nights rest each evening.

This drug is expensive and Medical Aid does not pay for it. How do is stop without reverting back to sleep deprivation? Have you tried some alternative ways to gain your sleep? Melatonin and relaxation techniques may be helpful. Before taking or trying anything, speak with your doctor. I am on day 5 of no more Ambien.


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