Active Life Natural Pain Relief Cream. 5 oz (3 Pack). All Natural Relief for Joint Pain, Muscle Soreness and Skin Irritations.

By | May 20, 2018
Active Life Natural Pain Relief Cream. 5 oz (3 Pack). All Natural Relief for Joint Pain, Muscle Soreness and Skin Irritations.


100% NATURAL: Gluten free with NO toxins, chemicals, parabens, preservatives or mineral oil. Rich in organic botanicals, arnica, exotic oils and Vitamins E and B3. Active Life analgesic cream soothes irritated skin and bed bug bites.

BEST PAIN RELIEVER: For psoriatic arthritis, leg cramps, finger joint pain and swollen feet. Enjoy the pleasant mint aroma without a medicine smell.

PROFESSIONAL REVIEW (one of many): I highly recommend Active Life pain relief cream! As an Occupational Therapist, I treat patients with pain every day. Many of my patients have arthritis pain, back aches and inflammation. I have had great results using Active Life. – Sherry Lynne, Charlotte, NC

NATURAL ANTI INFLAMMATORY CREAM: Relieves arthritis symptoms, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, shoulder bursitis and other inflammation aliments.

TARGETS PAIN: Quick absorption and effective results as an eczema treatment, psoriasis lotion, shingles cream for arthritis and headache reliever.

MAKES GREAT PHYSICAL THERAPY GIFTS: For back and neck pain therapy, joint pain remedies for knee surgery, hip replacement and hamstring injury.

EXERCISE AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY TREATMENT: Pain relieving cream for sore muscles and for a speedy recovery.

THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS: Enhanced benefits when used with physical therapy, occupational therapy, massage therapy and chiropractic care.

NO CROSS CONTAMINATION: Unlike jar-type lids our proprietary pump bottle reduces cross contamination and keeps our product preservative free.

GENEROUS 5 OUNCE BOTTLE: Gives you 250% more pain relief and value.

SUPPLY LIMITED: Produced in small batches for maximum effectiveness, Active Life can become temporarily out of stock. ADD TO YOUR CART TODAY for PAIN RELIEF TOMORROW!

  • MOVE EASIER cream with natural anti inflammatory relief from swollen ankles & joint pain in hands
  • SLEEP BETTER wake up refreshed from fibromyalgia bruises skin irritations & bed bug bites
  • PROVEN ORGANIC SKIN CARE PRODUCTS active life cream for psoriasis shingles pain & migraine relief
  • ENDORSED BY PROFESSIONALS pain cream for rheumatoid arthritis symptoms & restless leg syndrome
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE no questions asked guarantee for our active life pain cream Add to your cart now