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By | April 2, 2018

Caring About Personnel

Whether the organization is large and stable or just a beginner,the workforce is the most significant resource. The output and total achievements of an organization rely on the employees. It is then of great value for managers to care for their workforce. In an organization with diverse workforce, different ways are used to get into the heart of different people. Leaders must therefore decide on how they perceive their employees because it has great impact on the organization.

Leaders should take time to understand their employees. Different people have different personalities, way of thinking and have been face with different issues. Such kind of traits and characteristics inspire an individual’s performance. If a leader fully comprehend his workforce, then handling them becomes easier. Decisions that could impact their job are made wisely. One shouldn’t be making decisions concerning their employees without first consulting them and receiving their views.

Workers that who feel they are regarded by their superiors have a good productivity record. They possess the values of responsibility and accountability. They are also contented and happy while taking up their roles. A workforce that feels less valued in their jobs do not regard their duties of much importsnce hence low productivity. Workers could either leave their jobs or remain behind but have less determination towards their jobs. There are means which managers can use to show appreciation and value for their employees.

An effective leader should be able to work well with their subordinates. One doesn’t have to act with a seniority attitude every time when handling employees. A manager should at times position themselves as workers too of the same organization. The subordinates should feel free to talk and share their contribution with you. If an employee seeks advice or assistance from you when faced with a challenge, take them through how you dealt with the same situation. This proves to them that you are the same and they can identify themselves with you. One should also take some time to observe the challenges their workers go through. It thus enhance a better employee employer relationship.

A leader should always make time to connect ,listen and hear their workers. It is tough and challenging when personnel know they can’t count on their superior to listen to them. One could have so many obligations and duties to attend to, having a little time to talk and share ideas with group members and workers is important. Employees should also feel your concerns for them not just in their duties but also what they going through outside the organization. In a case when an employee doesn’t attend duty many times, managers should not be I a hurry to go one with disciplinary measures. One first ought to try talking to that employee and getting to the bottom of everything.

A leader should show also interest in employee’s significant others.